About Me

Marlene De Wet

a messenger through art

Abstract Expressionism.I am proclaiming LIFE as a concept.My pieces communicate my intentional information, expanding mindful boundaries.


Greenroots Gallery 1159 John Vorster Rd Weltevredenpark Roodepoort 1709

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+27 (83) 964 0207


The Egg

Life's' invitation to interact deeper into intentional visual communication tools like art, symbolism, signs, picture-graphs and aim for an experience rather than only pure visual stimuli.

Where my egg theme started


Dreaming is powerfull.To go into the silence...whether by sleeping or imagination it is power-full.To see and sense the "unseen" that is more real than mere neutonic substance.



How fragile life is. Become silent often, sensitive to vibrations and think, contemplate and meditate. I AM matters. Art speaks with an expressive voice to communicate with its' viewer.



Join my workshops at Greenroots Gallery to expand your boundaries and fall in LOVE with LIFE Himself.